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Your membership impacts the future of the Biewer Terrier breed, helps with educating the public, and aids in our work towards becoming the National Breed Club.  The Canadian Kennel Club works with National breed clubs regarding the breed in Canada.


Being an active and vibrant club is important to the survival of the breed.Our members are from all over the world and take part in respectful and friendly competition at all performance shows and trials, whether it be as an owner, dog fancier, or admirer of the breed!

Mrs. Biewer signing 1st American standar

Mrs. Biewer signing the Biewer Terrier Standard

 Photos courtesy of the BTCA, Inc.

BTCC member application uses SSL encryption to ensure that your responses are connected securely and are confidential. 


Developing a New Breed

BTCA Article

Mars Test Results

BTCA Data Analysis

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